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ABOUT TextTeddy

Teddy was started by people who thought there should be a better way to track, log, and share media recommendations, and that searching for what streamer a show is on shouldn't be so frustrating. We want an easy, accessible, and fast way to remember things on the fly.

We've been there...

We've heard great movie suggestions from colleagues at the office, but we can’t find the title in our cluttered phone notes. 

We've been to dinner parties where everyone was talking about TV shows they love, but we forgot the name a few days later.

We've sat on our couches struggling to find a show to watch and where to stream it.


We've taken a screenshot of a movie poster, but it's lost in the photo abyss.

We’ve gotten endless recommendations from our kids, but always misplace the paper we wrote them down on.

And we've been on dates at home or with a partner having the age ole convo yet again:

Him: "What do you want to watch?"

Her: "I don't know, what do you want to watch?"

...and on and on it goes.




So, we created


Teddy is the trusty watchlist assistant we all need and he's just one text away. We like to think Teddy grew up with us, got smarter and a little more dapper. He also went through the pandemic with us, thought about his life, and realized that he’s passionate about helping people and loves content. He understands technology and the fast paced world we are living in and he is devoted to making life a little bit smoother for you. After all, personal assistants shouldn’t be limited to fancy Hollywood producers and corporate CEO's. 

And that’s where Teddy comes in! Simply TextTeddy to add a title you want to remember, and he will add it to your personal list with any notes you include. You can view your list in the App, along with where to watch, and easily share recommendations to friends.

Download TextTeddy from the App stores and meet your new text-based virtual entertainment assistant today!


We hope you love Teddy as much as we do, and can’t wait to grow with you as we evolve.

If you have any feedback, are interested in joining our team, or just want to say “Hello!” please contact us.

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